The many-sided summer collection for 2008 further develops the Donassy-typical style of a both close-to-the-body and sculptural design in somewhat softer, more feminine direction. This impression emerges from the cut following fluid, arched lines, soft, richly folded and creased fabrics and a warmer set of colours.

Apart from black, white and smoky greyblue, the collection shows colours reaching from earth-coloured brown-gold and mauve to ivory white, grey fabrics have a higher share of reddish brown and some white fabrics show a moulded surface that breaks up the whiteness and provides it with a pattern. Even the fabrics in metallic-look hardly exceed the temperature value of matt platinum and with, for example, round neckline and half-round, sewn-on pockets, they are executed rather playfully. Dark linen trousers in metallic finish are combined with silk-scarf skirts and silk tops in fine crÍpe with rough paintbrush decorative design.

Many coats, jackets, and tops have such skilful waistline or flares that the functional aspect turns into a specifically aesthetic one. For example, the Albilla and Terrano jackets are constructed of many arched pieces, whose structure in the view from the back discreetly reminds of Gothic architecture, but in the front view it surprisingly allows a combination of a round collar with pointed lapels underneath. Tender silk folding blouses with wide sleeves show a tight backline of a waistcoat, while elegant, loose coats, dresses, and skirts with opulent folds, creases and cords quote the silhouettes and decorative elements of ball dresses.

The changeability of garments is again more pronounced in this collection, some parts can be changed thanks to different binding possibilities. Especially the Tennat skirt and the Xarello jacket can be worn in three different ways with completely dissimilar expressions. A part of the collection can be worn in business and casual occasions, which is also enabled by simple use and care of the fabrics.