The Isis ballet was performed on the occasion of the Donassy Fashion Show in the Croatian coastal city of Zadar on the 12th of July 2008. This contemporary dance performance, whose concept and costume design were devised by Branka Donassy, accompanied the presentation of the Donassy Summer Collection 2009. The impressive amphitheatre-like stage scenery directly at the sea promenade was provided by the Monument to the Sun, designed by the architect Nikola Baši?, who is also the author of the world-famous See Organ in Zadar. The large circle, consisting of several layers of glass plates accumulates sun energy during the day, with the oncoming twilight begins a play of light that follows the rhythm of waves and the sounds of the Sea Organ. The Isis-dancer wore Branka Donassy’s floor-length dress in orange and red, which in its warm colours contrasted with the background of the Monument to the Sun, glowing in bluish tones. The dress is optically dominated by four vertical, slightly pyramidal panels, a result of an elaborate creasing technique. During the performance, her dance partners unfolded the panels in pairs and spread them in opposite directions like wings, revolved together around the female dancer’s axis like a windmill and rolled themselves in the wings and out again. In this way dynamics was created between the dancers and the two eight-metre-long pairs of wings, related to the circular “stage”, but pointing back at the Isis-figure. Costumes and choreography link the associations of a worship ritual with the elements of a bullfight, in a dance embodying the abundance of power along with absolute devotion.

Concept and costume: Branka Donassy
Choreographer: Ljiljana Gvozdenovic
Dancer: Mihaela David, solo dancer at the Croatian National Theatre
Dancers: Croatian National Theatre
Music: Dean Kutic