Label - Donassy

Branka Donassy’s design unites the intuition for the female body, fondness for space-piercing art, and the highest precision in execution. Sculptural, avant-garde shapes that emerge from the interplay of sensitivity and abstraction, refined details, and choice fabrics are characteristic of the Donassy label. Reductionist in the use of particular elements, the design concentrates on the expression of material and form and by means of breaches through conventional cuts it creates surprising optical moments. In this way, the garments radiate a feminine, partly playful dignity that discreetly shifts the focus on the personality of the wearer. The label Donassy has been present on the European and international market since 2004. Current show locations are Paris, and New York.

The Designer – Branka Donassy

Branka Donassy lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. Since 2002 the firm Donassy Ltd. has been tying together all her activities in one place. Apart from prêt-à-porter collections she has also continued her activities in the field of theatre and film costume design and participated in art exhibitions in diverse galleries and museums. In such environment, her designs draw their quality from more than 20 years of experience in fashion design and art. Branka Donassy’s name was included into the European Art Lexicon and she received several prizes and commendations for her work. Her personal favourites are the Arts and Crafts Prize of the 29th Zagreb Salon – the most important exhibition of arts and crafts and design in Croatia – that she received for her “Aquarium Bra” and the Tia Maria Prize for the best designer dress of the Miss World ‘95 contest in Sun City, South Africa. In the view of Branka Donassy, her life and work are interwoven, because she understands the creation of fashion as a chance for personal expression. Design is for her both an analytic and sensory act because she works with respect for the properties of her material and during the creation of a collection she oversees every phase in the work of her team. This basis reflects itself in the depth and refinement of the final results.